Gifted Child Magazine

GiftedChild-0005-100 Gifted Child Magazine #5
In this issue: Child Contortionists · Indigo Children · The Orphans’ Field Trip · Improving the IQ with Music · Growing up Gifted in the Philippines
GiftedChild-0004-100 Gifted Child Magazine #4
In this issue: Response to: “I don’t own my child’s body” · The Best Ways to Assess Gifted Children · A Cultural Perspective on Gifted Australian Aboriginal Children · Over the Rainbow: the Connie Talbot story
GiftedChild0003-100 Gifted Child Magazine #3 [FREE for all new members]
In this Issue: Changing the educational paradigm · Raising the musical genius · Cultural groups and high IQ · Assessing giftedness
GiftedChild-0002-100 Gifted Child Magazine #2
In this issue: Why do some gifted children underachieve? · Gifted children’s BIGGEST CHALLENGE · Portrait of a therapist · IQ scores are NOT ENOUGH · Human echolocation · Solving the algebra equation
Issue #1 Gifted Child Magazine #1
For busy parents: how to get energized, be fitter and do more in less time · Is your child gifted? · 6 and 7-year-old dancers · Tantrums – and what to do about them

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