Gifted Child Magazine – Issue #1

  Issue #1
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  • For busy parents: how to get energized, be fitter and do more in less time
  • Is your child gifted?
  • 6 and 7-year-old dancers
  • Tantrums – and what to do about them



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Gifted Child Magazine helps parents to foster their child’s talent with practical advice, how-to’s and action steps that you can really use.

To this aim, the cover story in this issue is for busy parents. It also includes the 16-minute video on how to get energized, be fitter and do more in less time. You will be surprised how easily you can boost your energy levels.

Just about all the parents I come in contact with believe that their child is gifted in one or more ways. This issue asks and answers the question: is your child gifted? You’ll also learn about the significant differences in how giftedness is perceived in Western democracies and eastern cultures.

Every issue of the magazine includes a case study – in this case it is the inspiring story about a pair of young dancers, a 6-year old girl and a 7-year old boy. You also get to see the video of their performance and in one word, it is astonishing.

If your child has never thrown a tantrum, consider yourself lucky. Nearly all preschool children throw tantrums, some more than others, and can present a real challenge to exasperated parents. Find out what to do when your preschooler has a tantrum.

In the last section of the magazine, your questions about the sibling rivalry and other issues are answered by Diana Davidovic. Diana was raised as a gifted child herself through accelerated education, and she was barely 20 when she graduated with the degree in Psychological Studies. Diana has the first-hand knowledge of the challenges that gifted children face.

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