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In the following video Steve Walsh, the creative force behind Interactive Dinosaur Encyclopedia, reveals his personal motivation and inspiration, and gives you a glimpse into how students use the software to research and compare, dig for data, construct their own knowledge, or simply take delight in the world-class illustrations and learning about these prehistoric animals.


Steve BrusatteDinosaur Encyclopedia & Data Dig boasts smooth design and an easy user interface, which few websites can claim. Most importantly, this also separates DataDig from what may be its closest competitors: the overflowing avalanche of dinosaur encyclopedias.

Dinosaur DataDig is priced similar to most comprehensive dinosaur books, but plays to a different set of strengths: interactive and user-driven learning… a top-notch educational tool.

No other software that I know of has succeeded so well at these goals… I heartily recommend Dinosaur DataDig, and think it is a great investment…”

Steve Brusatte
American Museum of Natural History

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Dinosaur Encyclopedia & Data Dig is an outstanding resource for anyone interested in dinosaurs.

The Dinosaurs Encyclopedia authors have outdone themselves putting together a valuable and entertaining program for all levels of interest in the field of paleontology. The illustrations, data, and added extras such as themes and sounds make this a must have product for dinosaur researchers, artists, and model builders.

Technical Support, headed by team leader Steve Walsh, is excellent and he goes above and beyond the normal customer service we usually receive on the internet. I have never been treated this well by another consumer service.

The excellent product and service provided are well worth the inexpensive cost of Dinosaur Encyclopedia.

My thanks again to Steve and his team for their invaluable work.”

Robert Blohme
North Carolina, USA


Rob TaylorDataDig is gorgeous, exceedingly intuitive, well conceived,
well rendered and performs well
. Not sure what more you could ask of it. (Did I mention it’s gorgeous?!) Congratulations… it’s a remarkable program and an exceptionally fine piece of work!”

Rob Taylor
The Theropod Archives

“The program is everything advertised and then some. I am very pleased with the software and would recommend it to anyone who likes dinosaurs. I really love the artwork from Mineo Shiraishi, and all the time everyone has put into this software.

Everybody should get Dinosaur Encyclopedia & DataDig – It really is wonderful software. Best $25 I have spent in a long time.

Jon and Amy Acquafondata


Rob TaylorData Dig is a fun and intuitive piece of software.

It’s full of cross-referenced information on a range of dinosaur species, yet tightly packaged and visually striking. I really enjoyed being able to pick from different skin themes and background sounds, which made the experience feel a little less like research and a lot more like a safari.

The artwork is fantastic, contributed by some of the best palaeoartists in the field, and goes well beyond what I’ve come to expect from similar programs.

Overall, this product is as informative as it is fun to use, and ranks among the best dinosaur data programs I’ve come across.”

Jordan Mallon
Paleontology Ph.D. student, University of Calgary

Tyrannosaurus peepo

Dinosaurs Encyclopedia & DataDig is very easy to use, and a lot of fun… I love the interface, and the intuitive nature of the navigation options.

I was able to sit down and start enjoying DataDig immediately, with no maddeningly cumbersome learning curve to slog through..”

Mark Berry
The Dinosaur Filmography


Zach ArmstrongDinosaurs Encyclopedia & Data Dig is very smooth to use and it has good information
(I haven’t found any major inaccuracies, typos or anything of the sort–it is well-edited).

I especially like the pronunciation guide, and the etymology of the species’ name (which I find particularly useful and helpful). One thing that I really, really like is being able to see close ups of with the little magnifying glass icon and the pop-ups that
come up over the life restorations that direct your attention to important identifying features of the species.

These life restorations are of a high standard. I am also very impressed with the prompt technical support. It is unbelievably fast and helpful! DataDig is very valuable resource with more than enough information to keep you satisfied.

Zach Armstrong


Pachy peepo


Allen Debus“This highly edu-cational database maintained by recognized dino-saurologists and experts in many fields of dinosaurabilia will hold you spellbound for hours with its innumerable facets concerning virtually every dinosaurian aspect imaginable.”

Allen A. Debus
Paleoimagery, Dinosaurs in Fantastic Fiction, Dinosaur Sculpting and Dinosaur Memories

Dinosaurs Encyclopedia & Data Dig is an amazing new computer reference guide that you are going to want and love. Data Dig will be an invaluable dinoguide for years to come.

Mike Fredericks
Prehistoric Times

Dinosaurs Encyclopedia & Data Dig is a wonderful program and I enjoy its many features. It is particularly inspiring to sculpt with the sounds turned up; a great conducive atmosphere.”

Geoff Knobbs
Mesozoic Works

Northern Territory, Australia

DataDig provides me with something for which I’d been searching for quite some time – a single, readily accessible source of comprehensive information about the many different dinosaur species.

The information is presented in an intuitive manner, and the numerous links to additional information provided within each record are very helpful. All of the illustrations – both the life restorations and skeletal drawings – are well done.

I think you’ve done a superb job and could not be more pleased with DataDig. I’ve used it a lot – perhaps a little too much!

David Milner
New York, New York

“I have a high functioning autistic son who is 7 and he has an instantaneous recognition of just about any dinosaur I’ve ever been able to show him. He knows the periods, location, size, what they eat, etc. So this is great. It helps both me and my son.

He loves cycling through the pictures and reading the information. It’s simple to navigate from one page to the next. He already knows every one by sight without even seeing the name.”

Ed Nielsen
Senior Reactor Operator
Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant

Dinosaur DataDig software

" A must-have content-intensive, media-rich dinosaur reference for children, parents, educators,
and everyone interested in dinosaurs

Combines the scope and detail of a quality dinosaur encyclopedia
with the ability to manipulate, research, update and connect.

Runs on Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 and 8, and Mac OS under Windows emulation



Dinosaur DataDig software screenshot

amazing piece of software

Creagh, Manager
The National Dinosaur Museum
ACT, Australia

Detailed page about DataDig A detailed page about Dinosaur DataDig

At the core of Dinosaurs Encyclopedia & Data Dig‘s huge knowledgebase is a highly-detailed data file of (currently) 115 well-known non-avian dinosaurs. The 38 fields of each record cover every aspect of a genera’s name and species, its physical features, phylogenetics and classification, lifestyle and biology, the when and where of its existence and its representation in modern culture. All fields can be expanded and contracted allowing longer entries to contain very detailed information. Users can browse in three modes including one based on its life restoration while powerful software functions allow records to be cherry-picked for comparison, sorted by any of 18 fields and interrogated by simple to complex search queries.

An enormous glossary of 1,500+ hypertext definitions explains and illuminates the terms found in its records, scaffolding a user’s understanding and engagement. DataDig Live, a suite of Internet resources, references and tools pulls into DataDig genera-specific link libraries and online materials through Google’s many Internet services.

This is but some of the content and it’s all wrapped in a package that allows you to skin your software using visual themes based on famous dinosaur digs while enveloped in evocative Mesozoic soundscapes. We take care of the basics too including the ability to print and export text and pictures and options for spelling and measurement standards.

Dinosaur DataDig is an essential reference and digital sandbox for anyone with an interest in or indeed, passion for, dinosaurs.

State-of-the-art software design
State-of-the-art software design with tabbed pages, semi-transparent dialogs, slider panels, click and expand data areas, drag and zoom.
paleo hammer
Content developed with dinosaur experts
Content developed in consultation with dinosaur experts and paleontologists.
Highly detailed records
Highly detailed records of 115 representative dinosaur genera plus shorter profiles of all remaining genera.
38 fields in each record
Each record comprises 38 highly detailed fields.
310,000 words & 1,200 illustrations
More than 350,000 words and 1,600 illustrations.
Powerful software functions
Powerful software functions including browse, search, sort and compare functions.
Powerful software functions Interrogate data using DataDig‘s four query search function.
Powerful software functions Order and group records according to the content of 18 alphabetic, numeric and chronological fields.
Evocative Mesozoic soundscapes
Rich, evocative Mesozoic soundscapes to accompany your explorations.
Three interface modes
Three data views: Key data, All data and via rollover of the restoration.
Frequent updates Frequent content updates and software upgrades.
Frequent updates Complete website for every record: Reference, Art + images, Models and sculpture, Fun and games and Miscellaneous.
Frequent updates Extensive Internet content for each dinosaur: Google Keyword, Video, Scholar, Book, News and Blog searches.
80 feature films and docos
Exclusive access to Dinosauria Reference, the most complete listings of dinosaur Internet sites available.
80 feature films and docos
Extensive coverage of dinosaurs as cultural icons including reviews of more than 80 feature films and documentaries.
Powerful software functions Multiple entry levels and layered information design makes DataDig suitable for dinophiles of all ages.
For all Windows Operating Systems
For all Windows computers and Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard running under Windows emulation.

Albertaceratops life restoration
Albertaceratops skeleton
high-resolution life restorations

Beautiful high-resolution life restorations with zoom and hover text.
Skeletal reconstructions by leading artist-scientists

Skeletal reconstructions by leading artist-scientists including Gregory S. Paul and Scott Hartman.

Dig locale visual themes

Exhaustive illustrated glossary

Fully skinable interface

Fully skinable interface with dinosaur dig visual themes from every continent.
Huge illustrated glossary

Huge illustrated glossary of 1500+ hyperlinked definitions.
exhaustive web content
Append your own content
exhaustive web content

Exclusive and exhaustive web content through DataDig Live
Append your own content
Append your own text and pictures to DataDig‘s records.


Detailed page about DataDig A review by Steve Brusatte of the American Museum of Natural History


Four years in development + Top software implementation +

Leading dinosaur experts + Hundreds of references +

Cutting-edge reconstructions and restorations +

350,000 words + over 1,600 illustrations =

The top quality dinosaur reference

Detailed page about DataDig Like to see more detail about Dinosaur Encyclopedia & Data Dig?


Dinosaur DataDig


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"Best $ I have spent in a long time."

Jon and Amy Acquafondata



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